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Long Island Nancy Pet Carrier

Like a lot of girls, Merry and I love romantic comedies, no matter how implausible. Sure, they're sometimes schlocky. But they also give two very busy girls an excuse to slow down for an evening, curl up on the couch together and treat ourselves to dark Godiva chocolate and carob-dipped treats (yes, the Godiva is mine) and sit in the dark watching true love prevail. At least for a couple of hours, anyway.

One of our all-time favorite romantic comedies is Pretty Woman. OK, that's mainly because she gets to go shopping on Rodeo Drive with someone else's credit card, and what woman doesn't dream of that? One of favorite outfits from the shopping spree is the delicious chocolate and white polka dotted outfit she wears to the polo match with Edward.

And the moment we saw the newest carrier from Lulu Jane (the Long Island Nancy), we knew we had to have it. It is just so classic, so very Julia-esque, that it is simply irresistible.

You knew I'd somehow tie that incredibly long story together in the end, didn't you?

It's quite possibly the perfect puppy carrier for spring and summer. It's bright without being gaudy, it's classic but fun, and it's made of lightweight and breathable fabric so your little pooch doesn't swelter. And the pink ribbon bow on the front of the carrier. Can we say "awww"? What an adorable touch.

The carrier - it needs to be noted - is only rated for pets up to 10 pounds. When Merry lays down, she does indeed fit in the carrier with the zipper closed, but I wouldn't want to risk her by putting the carrier to too long a test. I've carried her in it for short jaunts down to the corner store, but really, this carrier should only be used for teenier pets -- don't try what we tried at home, folks. (Not to mention the fact that my shoulder is usually killing me after lugging a 17 pound dog around on my shoulder for fifteen minutes!) Luckily, the lightweight carrier also makes an excellent yoga bag or beach bag.

Still, the princess does look striking surrounded by chocolate and white polka dots, doesn't she?

The bottom of the carrier is padded, to give Fifi a bit of cushioning during her travels (this padding is removable and washable), and there's also a small restraining leash fixed to the bottom of the carrier that can be attached to your dog's collar to prevent jumping out. The bottom of the carrier features four silver plated feet to keep everything tidy. And the back side of the carrier (opposite the opening for the head) is made from breathable mesh, to help ensure that your pet stays cool.

The bag is very well made, solid and very sturdy. The elegant silver-plated findings like the bone-shaped pull tabs give it just a touch more class. And feature-wise, it's got everything you could want in a carrier. Well, except for the pooch - that, you'll have to provide yourself. :)

Faithful readers will remember that we're just completely in love with products from Lulu Jane. And that's true - but it's for a very good reason. Every product we've seen is solid, well manufactured, and adorably styled with a very recognizable and classically fun design.

Once again, a top notch product from Lulu Jane! If you're looking for a carrier this summer, you will definitely love the Long Island Nancy.

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