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Product Reviews

Leather Dog Collars

Sure, you can go glam with bling. You can go "Hampton's casual" with linen. You can go "dog park grunge" with nylon. But when it comes to collars, there's nothing like a yummy leather collar - except, perhaps, several yummy leather collars.

(Here's our theory. Collars are like shoes for pets. You can't have just one pair. [Horrors.] You must have several collars. For your blingy mood. Your casual mode. Your everyday look. You get the idea.)

When it comes to leather collars, there few companies out there doing it as well as Urban Hund. Their leathers are gorgeous, the colors stunning, the hardware quality, and the style an urban hound's dream.

And as you all know, Princess Meredith is nothing if not a big-city girl.

Our newest package from Urban Hund consisted of two collars: The Stanley dog collar in Fuschia, Orange and Turquoise and the Central dog collar in Turquoise and White.

While both the Stanley and the Central are standard Urbanhund styles (the former striped with three colors, and the latter a modern twist on the polka dot), these styles have been reimagined with brilliant colors for the mid-2006 season. And we've got to say, the colors are brilliant. The Stanley, in particular, with its tricolor stripe, has garnered comments from passersby every time the princess pug has been out for a walk.

What's even nicer: the matching leashes (not shown) for these collars all have identical designs running the full length of the leash. Snazzy.

Sometimes you'll run across leather collars that are so soft that one hard tug and the leather begins to stretch (not a good thing). Not so with these dog collars. The leather is quality, finely crafted, but sturdy enough even for larger dogs. The Urbanhund collars can fit necks as small as 9" and as large as 21".

The findings are all nickel-plated, sturdy, and each collar features a nickel-plated Urban Hund tag that's engravable on the back.

If we had one thing to change about these collars: the leather is doubled up near the buckle, which means three layers of leather at the point where the collar buckles. In smaller sizes, the thick leather at three layers deep can be awkward and cause the buckle area to "stick out" a bit. Now, with wear, the leather will loosen and the collar will return to a proper circle, but we're hoping future designs of these collars, at least in the smaller sizes, will accomodate this somehow. Maybe only two layers of leather instead of three? Maybe the leather is worked in a little more at the factory, or less sizing added to the leather?

Either way, the problem is slight, and as you can see, doesn't cause the little diva any discomfort.

What we can tell you is that the quality overall on these collars far surpasses the quality on most leather collars we've seen. The company has put a premium on workmanship, and it shows. Plus, the designs are just adorable, with wild and delicious colors. How can you go wrong?

We continue to be Urban Hund devotees, and can't wait to see what they come up with next!

You can find out more about Urban Hund from their web site at

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