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Product Reviews

Leather Dog Collars and Tiki Plush Dog Toys

Where else can you get sweet and sassy pink, hot biker girl black, and a Tiki party that I can't wait to tell you about, all in one review?

Nowhere, my friends, which is why you all keep coming back to for product reviews. :)

The fabulous folks at Hip Doggie sent along a few items for us to take a look at this month: two pleather collar/leash sets, and a pair of toys. Let's tackle the leather collar/leash sets first, shall we?

Are you just a little sick-and-tired of the usual collar looks? Straight lines, maybe a bit of bling... but still, it may just be getting a little bit boring. The answer is these lush collars, nicely wide (I do so like a wide collar) and ruffled, like waves. It makes the collar show up a little more. Of course, it doesn't hurt that both black and pink styles are covered in chrome rivets ever 3/8ths of an inch all the way around both the top and bottom of the collar.

The pink pleather version features 3D chrome hearts at every "wide" point in the collar, whereas the black version features chrome 3D stars. But that's where it just starts to get interesting: the leash. It, too, features the same wave-rivets-and-3D design as the collar itself, for about 15 inches, where it then attaches with a chrome attachment to a more "standard" leash shape and a nice wide loop for your hands.

For my part, I love it when they include bling and panache into the leash. It makes a matched set much more matchy-matchy, it makes me more likely to want to buy them as a matched set and frankly, it gives me a little something pretty to hold, too. (Can't let the pug have all the fun, now can we?)

Workmanship and fit, as with everything we've seen from Hip Doggie, is fantastic. The leashes and collars are a nice mid-weight, nothing too heavy (surprising, with all that chrome) but not so light you'll be afraid about it holding up. A great set.

But wait! There's more, and I can't wait to tell you about these toys. I've been dying to tell you about these toys, ever since we got them in.

These toys are Tiki totems. Wonderfully detailed faces, wonderful workmanship, great fabrics, well stuffed. Even little arms for your pooch to eventually pull off. :)

First, the fact that they're Tiki soft dog toys made me instantly fall in love with them. I mean, they're just gorgeous, and I soooo love tacky Tiki. I used to want my rec-room decorated in a nod to the mid-to-late '60's, all Tiki and coconuts and bamboo, and you think I'm kidding. I'm so not.

But second, these toys don't have a squeaker. They have, instead, something far more wonderful and amazing and incredible that makes me laugh and clap my hands and do a little dance.

Take a listen to what happens when you squeeze the toy (click the "Play" button on the player below):

"TIKI party! Boom chaka-laka-boom!"

Oh my gosh I love these toys. How cute is that sound? I tell you, the pug goes nuts for it. She's had a BLAST playing with the toys. And I know yours will too.

We're obviously really digging on these latest morsels from Hip Doggie. We loved them all - but I will seriously have to question your love for your dog if you don't pick up a pair of Tikis for them... pronto!

You can find out more about Hip Doggie from their web site at

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