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Leather Dog Collars & Leads

If we've said it once, we've said it a million times: collars and leashes for pets are like shoes and handbags for ladies. One is never enough. Four is just barely enough to grow on. And your dream closet is made up of rows and rows of every color, style and fabric choice imaginable.

Choice is the operative word here. It's all about choice.

We have to admit we've always had a bit of a bias towards leather collars and leads. Not to say that fabric, grosgrain, velvets and more aren't deliciously pretty. They are. But leather is just so timeless. It dyes up so prettily into every shade of the rainbow. And there's just an instant class bestowed upon a leather collar and leash that a fabric collar has to work harder to get.

Which is we fell, head over heels and tail over paws, for the collection sent to us by Rouge New York. Four collars, four leads, all in tremendously deliciously buttery leather and a to-die-for array of shades ranging from a hot rod Red to urban trendy Lime Green.

The collars are, to put it bluntly, some of the nicest we've ever seen. Each piece is made with custom colored genuine Brazilian leather. The stitched leather is thick enough to be luxurious but thin enough to mold nicely to the neck almost immediately. The colors are incredibly saturated with just a little shimmer beneath the surface. Both collar and leash is backed with buttery natural leather and the findings are all bright silver with a charming little bone tag dangling from the loop.

The colors are fantastic. The four choices guarantee you'll find something to fit most palates, and to match most outfits. Our favorites were the red and the green. Well, and the blue. Oh, heck, and the pink. It's tough not to love every single one of these. The colors are just like brilliantly colored Easter eggs.

It's not often that we fall in love so completely out of the box and never find a single thing that we'd like to see improved, but this was absolutely the case here. The fit was perfect - Merry's 14" neck fit the second hole on the Small size (which fits an 11-14" neck) and the workmanship is so excellent we're hoping we'll see more leather designs, more colors, more options available from Rouge New York soon.

And matching handbags, in all four colors, for the mommies. Please. Because it's not fair that only the pug gets to be this cool.

The leather collars and leashes from Rouge New York were an enormous hit with the Pampered Puppy team. Our highest possible recommendation!

You can find out more about Rouge New York from their web site at

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