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Leather Dog Collar

When you're a fashion plate, a diva, the very soul of style for the dog-eat-dog world of canine duds and accessories, it's helpful to have a color.

You know what we mean. A signature color. Something that is quintessentially you. Something that people will see - even away from the wonder that is you - and immediately, they'll think of you.

For our own diva pug, sweet Princess Meredith, that color is pink. (Oh, you're shocked. We can tell.) Princess Meredith, patron of pink, has an entire wardrobe that occasionally looks like she owns stock in Barbie. Or Mary Kay. But we digress.

When newcomer Canini decided to send in one of their newly designed dog collars for our review, we were thrilled to bits to see it was in the signature color. And what a cool dog collar it is!

The collar, called the Dottie in Cotton Candy Pink, is what the company calls "taking the traditional metal spiked collar to a whole new place". And then some! Honestly, the collar reminded us best of the 80's fashions we used to love, and we can't tell you exactly why. Maybe they just scream big hair to us. (Oh, come on, you used tons of hairspray back then, too, we know you did.)

But back to the collar. It features raised rubber yellow dots in a cute little 6-pack pattern over cutout pieces of suede (the entire collar is a charming mix of matching pink suede and leather). The buckle tab is in coordinating yellow leather, just for contrast. The leather is firm, but softens up quickly upon use since it's not too thick.

On to the findings. The buckle is unlike any we've seen - it comes with an extra tongue at one end sporting the Canini logo. (Fun.) All findings have a brushed silver finish which is a nice contrast to the hyper-shiny finishes you see so often in collars.

If we had one thing to change about this collar, it would be the "depth" of the brushed silver leash tab. There is very little room between the tab and the collar, which means the leash (even other leashes) will get "stuck" between the tab and the collar. It doesn't impede the dog's movement, but it is awkward to have the leash stuck like that all the time. Just another 1/4 to 1/2 inch would solve the problem completely.

But overall, we were quite excited to see that the collars live up to their fabulous photography! Great quality, adorable design, and a wonderful variety of styles. Merry now has other Canini collars on her Christmas wish list for Santa this year.

Four paws up!

You can find out more about Canini from their web site at

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