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Leather & Fabric Dog Collars

So here's a little twist for you:

Normally 'round these here parts, we review two kinds of dog collars. One, leather. Two, fabric. But how about fabric-covered leather? Are you ready for that next step?

Caniswear, a Canadian designer of dog clothing and other products, just came out recently with a line of fabric-covered collars in a great variety of designs. They sent along two styles for us to check out in this review.

The first style is called Flash and it really is appropriate - the fabric covering looks a little bit like a comic book. Stars, skulls, amazing looking birds and crowns in blues, purples and yellows adorn a white background. It's very stylized design - think pop surrealism, lowbrow art, even graffiti.

The second style, Diva, was hands down our fave style. It's got a pinkish/mauve background with hot plum and white illustrations - again, very much lowbrow style - and features the type "Diva" as well as pink diva skull and sparkly diva star illustrations throughout.

Both dog collar designs start with a full, two-layered, natural black leather collar. In both cases, the topside is then covered with an ultra-resistant 100% polyester canvas. They feature metal hardware and findings including metal rivets for the collar holes, and the white contrast stitching goes all the way through on both sides.

The canvas, I think, is what really made this product stand out for me - I loved how much more durable it seems to have made the collars - more durable than either canvas or leather on their own. Best of both worlds!

If I have one caveat for you: buy big. Go up a size for your dog. These collars fit small! While these collars were size 14, they're not even a full 14" long and only 12" from the last hole to the metal tongue - making it a very tight fit on the princess. I'd suggest adding 2 inches to your dog's neck size and then going from there when purchasing.

However, they're just so durned cute, that you can't resist. Follow my sizing suggestions and your pooch can have a durable AND hip style collar of their very own!

You can find out more about Caniswear from their web site at

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