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Kwigy-Bo Dog Raincoat

If there's one thing I think is seriously lacking in the pet clothing world, it's decent dog raincoats. It's so TOUGH to get good rain coats for dogs simply because dogs are designed to get wet. Don't laugh - that's my theory, and I'm sticking to it.

Think about it. They're short, low to the ground (thereby increasing their splash potential), have FOUR legs to splash themselves with and each breed - heck, even within breeds - has different lengths of leg. They also need part of the vulnerable underbelly left exposed so that - well, you know - can occur without making a mess.

Is this why it's so hard to get a good raincoat?

Regardless, we're checking out a new Kwigy-Bo dog raincoat from Funny Fur. It's an adorable pink style with lots of bells and whistles.

The soft pink coat is designed to keep your pooch dry in cool or warm weather. A thick rainproof shell opens to reveal a thick liner inside with two sides: a soft fleecy side for "just a little damp" days or a rainproof-lined side for those "and the heavens opened up above us" days. It's a snuggly warm liner, perfect for those nearly-freezing days with rain all the way up to cooler spring days. Once it gets warmer, zip out the liner and wear the coat liner-free during warm summer rains.

The coat makes some good strides towards becoming more water-protective: the waist has two adjustable ties to snug up against your pooch, so no rain (or mud) can get in from the waist area.

I also loved the optional hood, also made from the same rainproof fabric: it zips on or off, as you please. If you have it on, you're still not required to use the hood - it features a snap so you can roll it back and snap it into place over the shoulders, to keep it out of the way. But it does open up nice and wide to cover your pooch's head in the event of a downpour.

Keep your collars cleaner and drier: raincoats are, in my opinion, the perfect clothing item to feature a stitched harness opening, and this coat has it. Who wants to get that nice leather collar or harness dirty or soaked through? Not us!

Fit is decent in the length and roomy in the body, particularly from the shoulders to the waist. This is not a snug raincoat by any design. The workmanship is awesome - this is a very solid, well made coat with a lot of thought gone into the design.

If I had anything to change, it would be two things. :) Don't get me wrong - the raincoat works and looks great - but I think two things would really help take the coat to the next level:

1. A better fastener. Luckily, this is something you can fix up yourself. Right now the fastening is velcro, and not a long single strip but three small "button" areas - neck, chest and waist - to keep the coat closed. I'd much rather see either a long strip of velcro, buttons, or a zipper (ideal). With the three points, there can be a temptation for the fabric to gap as the pooch walks, giving mud an entry place that I'd rather it not have.

2. Sleeves. Yes, I know it's a pain, but I also know dogs - and a LOT of the mud that gets kicked up on a walk ends up in the armpit area. A sleeveless coat means that the seams are going to get dirty (they're tougher to clean than the body of the coat, IMO) and that some of the dirt and mud kicked up on a walk may end up on Merry's arms, since they're not covered.

We do love the coat, especially the color and the handy removable lining and hood, and Merry will be wearing it often. Because seriously - how cute is she in this? Makes me wish for spring rain. Well, almost.

You can find out more about Funny Fur from their web site at

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