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JakeyBB Handpainted Dog Bed

Article Author: Angie McKaig

Sometimes, reviewing a dog bed is a lot like falling in love.

You get excited when you see it. Your pulse races. You have a desire to make contact - to reach out, and to touch. Suddenly, you have trouble remembering whats-his-name that you used to sleep with. All you want to do is spend as much time with this newcomer. You want to cuddle. You stay up late all night talking and...

Sigh. Well, the simile was working there for a little while, at least.

Luckily the bed works much better than my similes: this gorgeous handpainted bed from A Pet's World. Honestly, one of the cutest things we've ever reviewed.

The design is just simply gorgeous. Gently curving lines around the bed frame open to a lower "entry" section at front, for easy pet access. Ball feet provide a sturdy base and help to keep your pet away from drafty floors.

Visually, it's absolutely stunning. Handpainted in a reddish wine color, the entire box is covered with a dozen different loving details. Handpainted curling vines and flowers. A striped pattern across the top. Detailed painting on the ball feet. A dual-color (black and red) ropy routered piece of wood detail that runs around the entire bed. And, of course, the best part of all, in my opinion: the lovely handpainted black and white check. While these beds come in several different color and style combinations, the white and black check remain the same, and are most definitely part of its distinctive charm.

But that's not all: no, inside, the pillows have been designed and made with just as much loving attention to detail. Made to match the bed, it's deep and plush, with several complementary fabrics used on the sides, top, and edging to create luxurious pillow indeed; the use of the black and white striped edging is inspired, echoing the white and black check below and really tying the entire piece together.

What impressed me the most, however, was how the bed came: all in one piece. No pieces to put together, no bolts or screws showing, everything clean and simple and easy to take straight out of the box and begin using.

I was also impressed by the lightweight nature of the bed - I've seen, and touched, beds made with a similar concept, and frankly they're heavy as all heck. Special attention was really given to these beds to ensure clean edges throughout, and a lightweight enough frame that even a weak-nilly girl like me can lift the bed herself.

The pillow and cover are washable, but I'd recommend washing them both on the gentle or delicate cycle and drying on low or, preferably, no heat. The painted bed is sealed so a quick wipe with a damp cloth regularly should be all it needs to stay lovely for years.

And does Merry love the bed? Oh, please - I can't get her out of the thing. Whenever she's anywhere near it, she climbs up and flops in it and looks for all the world a princess... which, of course, she is. She loves lying in it, and that works for me - because she's just gorgeous in it. I am totally in love with this bed, and I'm not afraid to admit it - heck, do they make them in people size? I totally should have made the site The dog gets all the cool stuff. It's not fair. :)

JakeyBB handpainted dog beds are available to the public from Calling All Dogs at (wholesale buyers, contact A Pet's World).

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