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Inspired Custom Pet Portrait

Article Author: Angie McKaig

When I was a little girl, my parents bought me a sketchbook and a set of pastels. On the cover of that sketchbook, there was a reproduction of a gorgeous painting. It had ballet dancers, and I thought ballet dancers were the bomb back then (I also had a music box with a ballet dancer - hey, didn't we all back then?).

It was years later than I learned that the painting was a Degas - Dancers, I believe. But ever since I was a kid, I've loved that soft ballet-inspired look.

So when the brilliant folks at PaintyPETS contacted us about doing a custom pet portrait of the princess, I had no idea that it would lead to the painting you see in the photos. But I'm thankful every day that it did.

The process to order a custom PaintyPETS portrait is relatively simple, and what's more, handily automated online. You choose the portrait size you want from their online form, and then provide additional initial information such as personality traits, favorite dog toys, as well as any color preferences or dislikes you may have. You can even upload low-res previews of your pooch's photos through their online form (they may request larger versions after reviewing your order).

One of the things I liked best: they even offer to work with you, making suggestions etc. to help you get the best photos, or will work hard to do the best they can from less-than-ideal photos particularly if the piece is to be a memorial portrait.

As with all artists embarking on a Merryvaluation journey, rather than uploading files, we set Mary and Madalyn (the mother/daughter painting team behind PaintyPETS) loose on the Merrylog in search of photos. In short order, they came back and let me know it was our pug in a tutu photo that had captured them and they wished to paint that.

After a brief discussion of style and color (what the colors in my house were: neutrals and browns mostly, what's good for the princess: pink, natch) they went to work. And within just one week (rather than the 2-3 weeks they'd warned me about), I received the photo of the portrait via email - letting me know that this was the time for tweaks and changes, if any.

And, folks, to be frank: I was blown. The heck. Away.

The painting looked adorable. I couldn't believe they'd chosen to paint in the Degas-style, though of course in retrospect it was a fabulous choice, given the whole pug-in-a-tutu thing. And the colors were incredible.

I didn't want a thing changed. What I wanted was to see the portrait right away, in person, impatient just like a little girl again.

When the portrait arrived, it was even more impressive in person. A full 24x24 square, done in breathaking artist's acrylics and with a deep gallery-wrap making it perfect for hanging immediately.

The colors and brushstrokes were fabulous, shades of browns and neutrals, and the natural colors of the pug princess and her tutu all complementing each other. The palette they chose was nothing short of gorgeous.

I am thrilled, touched and moved by this portrait of Merry. By painting her with such a classic style, the artists have ensured that I have a classic of my own - a portrait of the princess that hearkens back to my childhood and makes me love the little princess all the more.

This is truly one of my most cherished pieces of art. I can't recommend the ladies at PaintyPETS strongly enough.

You can find out more about PaintyPETS from their web site at

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