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Product Reviews

Dog Treat Collection

Princess Meredith, as she is sometimes called, loves nothing better than to receive gifts. Honestly. She receives them like (okay, slightly impatient) royalty, perched on the highest point of the couch, watching me open them with something very much like glee in her expressive little eyes.

Howie's Hearts products are no exception. They're an adorable line of doggie gifts that will thrill your canine buddy.

The dog place mats are a cute little heart shape, washable cotton. They look great underneath the ceramic doggie bowl, also featuring the same Howie's Hearts logo.

One of my personal favourite items is the treat canister. Made of the same heavy ceramic as the doggie bowl, it's got an airtight seal and a handy little metal scoop attached to the side. Merry's treats went inside immediately!

The tin lunchbox with a doggie theme is another great little gift item. They suggest using it for doggie carry-alongs or to send your child's lunch with them to school, but honestly I'm tempted to use it as a little purse. It's very cute.

Each item (except for the place mat) comes with a dozen or so doggie biscuits inside made with healthy ingredients inside like flax seed and kelp powder. Merry gobbled them up as soon as we finished taking the pictures. The bone-shaped dog tins come in two sizes and make a nice gift for dogs and moms alike. They'd be great as little gifts to give away at a doggie birthday party or canine wedding.

The princess was well pleased with her doggie gifts, and mom liked them as well!

Howie's Hearts can be purchased direct from the company


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