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Product Reviews

Hooded Winter Dog Coat

Article Author: Angie McKaig

Those of you who have been reading us for a while know how it works: companies send in products to us, we take a look and, if they're good enough quality to tell all of you about, we photograph and review them.

Once in a while, though, we run across something so gorgeous that we discard all pride and call up the company and say: "Please, please please? This is gorgeous! We have to see this in person!".

Such is the case with this winter coat review - the moment we saw it, we knew we had to review it. If it was even half as cute in person as in the product photos, we had to have it, had to feel it, had to try it out.

Luckily, the folks at The Ritzy Rover gave in to our incessant begging and kindly sent along a copy of the Pinka Snow Dog Coat for us to review.

We're here to tell you: this is easily one of the most gorgeous winter coats Merry's ever owned. It's not fancy, but it's perfect for active, urban hip doggies and a fabulous everyday dog coat for snow season.

So it's black, obviously, with wonderful mid-range pink accents (this style is also available in pink-on-pink, or purple with lilac accents). The coat features an outer nylon shell with a very toasty warm fleece lining and there's a third layer of fleece in between. The arm holes are double-thick "sweater" knit material, again, very toasty and thick.

The hoodie! Oh, we're in raptures about the hoodie (well, we really do love hoodies). It's big enough to be functional, small enough not to get in the way, has the same fleece lining as the rest of the coat and is fringed with black fur. But even better: it's removable. It fastens to the coat in several spots - small elastic loops that attach to buttons on the coat itself. So, if it's a little warmer, or your furkid is complaining about the hoodedness of their outfit, you can pull it off, mid-walk even, without having to fuss with snaps or zippers.

The coat fastens all the way around - how we love this for winter, because I'm sorry, it's just tough to stay warm when you only have two little velcro strips under your belly, so there. And it does up with real, honest to goodness, metal snaps. Enough of them to keep the entire coat closed, thank you. And the fit, as you can see, is spectacular. Merry fits perfectly (with room to spare in circumference - we could easily layer a sweater underneath if she was really, really cold) into the XL.

The back features a large reinforced leash hole to make walkies easier. But the best part of the back in our opinion is the adorable pink embroidered lettering complete with decorative metallic "studs". Come on. Seriously. Pink. Cute.

Overall, this coat not only met but far exceeded my expectations - so much so that I am definitely ordering a purple one before the end of the season looms too large. This will easily become Merry's go-to winter coat of choice - for cuteness, for incredible warmth and fantastic design, and also for a nice dark color actually makes more sense for sloppy, dirty winter sidewalks.

I'd give it five paws but Merry's only got four - thank you to The Ritzy Rover for playing along! If you're looking for a fabulous winter coat, look no further. Check 'em out.

You can find out more about The Ritzy Rover from their web site at

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