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Holiday Set

Article Author: Jenny Gregorich

One of the the things I love most about the Holiday season is that hearing Christmas carols always makes me smile. There is just something about them that puts you in a good mood. Considering how stressful the Holiday season can be, these smiles are definitely needed. When I received the most recent product review, it gave me that same feeling as the Christmas carols do. These fabulous items are from FouFou Dog.

While I dress up Piper for every other occasion I haven't gotten into the habit of dressing her up for bed, but this first review item may just change that.

The first up is a darling pair of puppy pajamas that say Santa Baby on the butt (typing this as I sing the Santa Baby Christmas carol). This red and gray striped pair of pajamas is perfect for the Holiday season. It is well constructed and is open in the back and underneath for potty breaks. While it is not made of heavy fleece, it is perfect for those babies that need extra warmth during the night, but don't want to overheat.

While it does slide over the head it is easy to put on and take off and Piper has no issues wearing it. For those dogs that appreciate their bed time snack, it can be kept in the pocket on the back. Also good for those dogs that want to start getting a bed time snack and mom or dad just needs a little, gentle reminder. Overall this darling pair of Santa Baby striped pajamas will put a smile on your face and keep your puppy warm! Thiese pajamas are always available in a green, so perfect if you have a pair of dogs!

The next two items are two winter dog toys. One is a reindeer that will be a favorite with those dogs that love balls. The body of the reindeer is ball shaped and is the perfect size for fetch. The second toy is a super adorable slipper snowman toy. For those with little kids as well, your child could really wear this! This toy is an awesome idea for those dogs that love to chew on YOUR slippers or shoes but know they shouldn't. Both toys are well constructed and feature a squeaker for those squeaker loving dogs. The snowman is probably one of the cuter toys I've seen in a while and is great for any winter time use.

The final item is a Santa coat (again singing Santa Baby while I type). My first reaction when picking it up is that it is heavy and to me that is needed. It is cold where we live and while I love cute and frilly, if it isn't going to do its job of keeping my dog warm, I don't care how cute and frilly it is. While this coat isn't meant to be a warm outdoor coat, it sure could be, and to me that is an added bonus. The second thing you notice is that it is soft, very soft. Soft enough that those dogs that get irritated skin could easily wear it.

It is dual sided- one a red fleece and one a plush red velvet. It has a hood and white pom pom for a festive look. I think that this coat would be absolutely perfect for those taking Christmas pictures with Santa. It fits very well and I could easily see any dog wearing it on Christmas day.

If you are in the market for high quality Christmas clothing, and you should be, these two items should be on the top of your list.

You can find out more about FouFou Dog from their web site at

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