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Hip Squeaky Dog Toys

FAB-U-LOUS! When we say the princess pug is into fabulousness in a big way, we're just not kidding:

* Pink is her signature color. What's more fabulous than that?

* Bling is just second nature. If it doesn't sparkle, it's just not nearly as fun.

* She'd rather vogue-it-up than do nearly anything else on the planet. Seriously. Try shoving a camera in her face sometime. She stops what she's doing, turns to face you, and - look out - vogueing ensues!

This slavish devotion to fabulousness is what makes this toy review such a treat to do. The folks at Haute Dog Boutique sure has the princess pegged when it comes taste - they sent along just the perfect squeaky toys for Canada's biggest fashion hound.

All three squeaky toys are deliciously plush, with the requisite squeakers - of course - but what makes them up, up and over the top is their style, baby.

The first toy (Dogue Magazine Toy) looks like a fashion magazine. The sides have wee black lines on them to indicate "pages", and the front and back "covers" are plush pink. All text is embroidered onto the toy with black or red thread. The cover screams: Dogue Magazine, spring issue. The bottom left shows the featured article: Haute Spring Fashion. The bottom right corner even has a fake bar code and "cover price" (note that this is not the cost of the toy!). A fabulous white poodle with a show cut adorns the front cover.

Every style hound needs a fashion mag to flip through from time to time. How else is she to stay up on the hot new whatevas?

The second toy (Pink 50's Car Toy) gave us one heck of a hoot. It's styled after those old pink convertibles from the 50's, complete with tail fins, two sets of double headlamps and "v" tail lights. It's really quite a detailed toy - it has a ton of little extras, including all four wheels (with wheel covers embroidered in grey thread), a bone hood ornament and the license plate "Spoiled".

And you know Merry - could there be a more perfect license plate, ever? We didn't think so, either.

The third and last toy (Pawda Bag Toy) was much smaller, quite perfect really for the teeny-tiny dogs among us. Don't get us wrong - it was a perfect size for the princess as well. She spent most of the past two days honking it while stretched out atop one of her cushy beds. But it's small enough that even tiny jaws will be able to play with it well. It was every diva girl's wardrobe staple: a simple black handbag with white embroidery.

All three toys are deliciously fun and well designed to boot. The two pink toys, particularly the Dogue Magazine, would be ideal for a range of dog sizes from slightly smaller than Merry all the way up to the full-sized divas in your home.

The final word in any toy review is how well the princess played with her toys. For these adorable toys, it can be described in just two words:

Fabulous, darling.

You can find out more about Haute Dog Boutique from their web site at

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