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Hip Pink Summertime Hoodies

Article Author: Angie McKaig

Just when you think they can't get any smarter, they do.

Such is the power of Wooflink. Wooflink, Merry's favorite clothing designer, is continually creating and innovating new styles and new designs for small dog clothing. Each new season brings new touches, new colors, new innovations, and it's always so much FUN to see what new things they've come up with this season.

Previously, Wooflink hadn't carried a huge line of summer-friendly wear but this season they came out with a number of t-shirt weight hoodies. We've got two for this review and I guarantee you'll love 'em as much as we did.

First up: Punk Fever hooded dog t-shirt. It's pink - natch, didn't you notice it was Merry's fave color? - in two different shades with touches of turquoise for an accent. The tee is tank-style (no sleeves, just ribbed cuffs at the arm) and comes up high on the throat with some soft ribbed material. The hood itself is small but still functional, tethered to the main shirt with a turquoise strap so that it can't accidentally cover your pet's eyes. The hood also has a ribbed cuff. The back fits straight and relatively fitted against the body.

Now, for the fun and funky details: the words PUNK FEVER adorn the shoulder area and the word PUNK is on black adorned with rhinestones. The back design also features an iconic skull-in-shield icon, a turquoise strap across the midsection with metal studs and the words "Cool & Designer Dog Clothes" and the always-there-somewhere Wooflink logo closer to the tail.

The fit: it's actually a little smaller than most Wooflink designs, particularly around the neck. Not hugely so, but if your pet fits a certain size very snugly anyway, you might want to go up one for this design.

The second (and favorite in this review) item we looked at was the Oh! My Cute Wooflink Style tee. Oh, the romance of this tee. The loveliness. We fell in love instantly with the design.

It's a white hoodie tee, sleeveless. The hood is larger than the Punk Fever hood but still functional and features a pink ruffle all around the hood and a pink bow at the neck.

The back is where this baby really starts to shine. The words (as you'd imagine) Oh! My Cute Wooflink Style are in block letters in combinations of pink, black and gold studs. The waist features a see-through pink ruffled trim (SO adorable) and this same fabric is echoed in the hood where it's gathered in a line straight down the middle of the hood.

Adding tulle and other see through materials is a new step for Wooflink - they've never had it before and we're just LOVING it. Oh, folks, Merry looks just lovely in it and has worn it OH so constantly since her review sessions!

Fit is solid and standard for Wooflink designs; workmanship as always is incredible.

Every season brings something new and exciting to the Wooflink lineup. We're loving these hooded tees, new fabrics and gorgeous arrays of pink. What's next? We can't wait to find out.

You can find out more about Wooflink from their web site at

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