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Hepper Pet Bed

Article Author: Angie McKaig

Before any of you panic: no, the little green men have not come down to meet Merry and take her back to their homeland in her own mini-ship. (That said, if the little green men were to come down to meet the inhabitants of this planet, you just know they'd be here to talk to the pugs. Men in Black had it more right than you could possibly know.)

The pug is, in fact, trying out one of the hottest modern pet beds to hit the pet world in the past 12 months: the Hepper bed, sent in from the folks at Cool Cosas.

This gorgeous, modern bed is called the Hepper Nest Bed. It's actually two pieces; the rim is optional (it's detachable). Honestly, it reminds me a little of the pouring guard on a Kitchen Aid mixer. :) It's pictured here attached; it fastens together in seconds (even for the highly non-handyman like me) with a few chrome plated bits of hardware. If you have a particularly teeny pooch, or one that has trouble jumping up, you'll probably want to leave the rim off; it can also be used around the base to make it more secure.

The design is unmistakably mod. I loved the totally round shape - almost space-like. Very 70s astro-style. It's got a stylish and modern grey herringbone exterior with thick black trim, and a Sherpa fleece interior. No frills on this baby; it's all sleek lines and texture.

The web site calls the bed created from "soft-touch construction of molded foam". I have no idea what that means, but I can tell you what it evens out to: one lightweight bed. I couldn't believe how light and easy to carry the bed was. The sides don't feel particularly "foam"-y, however; it almost feels more analagous to flexible plastic sides or flexible cardboard, perhaps - the "foam" used to create the shape of the bed is not dense nor cushy. You'd also imagine that foam wouldn't hold its shape firmly, but this dog bed holds its shape incredibly well. Its light weight makes it a natch for a travel bed or one that moves from room to elegant room in your so-hip-it-hurts home.

The bed measures 17.5 inches wide and 17.5 inches long (essentially a perfect circle). It was a perfect size for Merry to curl up in or sit in. The Cool Casas folks say that the bed is good for pooches up to 50 pounds, but we're frankly skeptical; anything over 25 pounds would, in our opinion, need safflower oil to squeeze inside.

For reference sake, our resident princess pug weighs in at a svelte 17 pounds, and you can see how much room she takes up in the bed. :)

The bed's biggest strength, from our perspective, is its sleek design and its ability to create a wonderful nest-like environment for your pooch. While there isn't much padding inside, the bed's perfectly round shape absolutely makes your pooch want to curl up inside, and the sherpa lining helps smooth out any rough edges. The shape really allows the bed to "hug" your pooch as they curl up. In fact they may find themselves fighting with the cat over who gets to sleep there - Merry certainly ended up in turf wars with our resident feline!

If we could change one thing about the bed, we'd add more padding. But that's an easy fix; a washable blanket inside will add more padding and be far easier to get into a washing machine later, anyway.

This cool mod dog bed is just the thing for devotees of modern decor. It's sexy, it's clean, and it doesn't take up much space if you're dealing with a cramped, urban environment.

Plus, if the aliens ever do come to town, they'll know your pooch is a kindred spirit from day one. Now how cool is that?

You can find out more about Cool Cosas from their web site at

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