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Product Reviews

Healthy Dog Treats

Merry always says: "You are what you eat, dah-ling."

Honestly. You think I'm kidding. But from day one, the baby pug has had a particular soft spot for organic and holistic foods. Forget cheapo kibble and hot dogs. It's all about food that has organic blueberries and shark fin and the best of everything.

So naturally, little Merry was salivating when we opened the package from DogChewz NYC.

Now these are organic dog treats with panache. The first package, Vegg-Chibbles, look very much like the commercial SunChips. But far better for your furry friend. They're made from organic cauliflower, organic broccoli, organic eggs, and organic spinach (and a few other organic ingredients). And tasty! Merry barely sat still long enough to let me take her photo (can you see the tongue in the picture, right?).

The other stylish package, Chicken and Parmesan Toy Temptations, was filled with yummy chicken-flavoured "Merry"-sized biscuits. They're made with organic whole wheat flour, organic non-fat chicken broth, aged Parmesan, and organic cornmeal. Judging by the way the little bit wolfed them down, they're tasty, too. :)

DogChewzNYC also let me know that their treats aren't just for the princess, but are safe (and tasty) for the two-legged members of the family. They even recommend serving Vegg-Chibbles at parties; they're certainly attractive enough to do so! While I was a little hesitant to taste-test doggie treats, no matter how healthy and organic, one of my friends was only too happy to play guinea pig. He gave them two thumbs up!

DogChewz are all baked by hand in a human bakery which produces products for upscale Manhattan gourmet shops and restaurants. Only human grade ingredients are used. When it comes to the pumpkin, I don't take any chances, so this is greatly appreciated.

Merry says, "More please!". You couldn't get a better recommendation!

You can find out more about DogChewz NYC from their web site


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