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Handmade Dog Sweater

Window shopping. It's a Toronto tradition that is particularly fun in the fall and winter, when the breeze is crisp and the windows are filled with holiday treasures.

Merry simply loves window shopping. Or, more to the point, she loves the opportunity to sniff around the sills of storefronts while her mom drools at the furniture or wine glasses or Christmas ornaments on the other side of the window.

But like any good city girl knows, you need a fabulous outfit to go window shopping in - it's all about seeing and being seen, dah-ling.

Thanks to Oliver's Duds, Merry now has one - and we're both thrilled about it.

Oliver's Duds is a stunning line of wearable art for dogs. Their sweater dog apparel is made of the highest quality textured yarns, designed with the utility of providing warmth, but also with an upscale designer flair representative of current trends in human wear.

All that translates to one yummy sweater for little Merry.

Oliver's Duds sent along one of their Park Avenue Mink dog sweaters for Merry, based on her measurements, and we were both blown away by its incredible silky feel and the second-to-none craftsmanship. Every single detail of the design was considered to make it both fashionable as well as functional for dogs.

The yarns used in the sweater are simply beautiful, richly textured and colored in chocolatey earth tones. The "fur" (also made from yarn) around the edges added a whimsical touch that appealed to the pumpkin's sense of style.

The workmanship is the best we've ever seen. The sweater is stunningly finished, and will last Merry for many years to come.

Oliver's Duds makes over two dozen different sweater styles for dogs (many of which are also available in "grownup" sizes for a matching mom/doggie look). The quality of each sweater makes it more than worth the asking price.

We went window shopping in it just last weekend.

Merry whispered confidentially that she felt like Mary Tyler Moore - in the best sense of the word - while wearing it. High praise indeed. :)

You can find out more about Oliver's Duds from their web site

at Tell them Merry sent you!

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