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Product Reviews

Handmade Dog Collars

Article Author: Angie McKaig

I've long espoused the theory that collars are to dogs what shoes and purses are to women:

  • They're something that takes up a lot of closet space.
  • You have way more than you'll ever need but you love them all anyway.
  • You need some for casual, some for dressy, some for special occasions or to match a certain outfit.
  • People notice them first.
  • They're a great oppportunity to infuse some personality into your wardrobe.
  • You can never have too many.

Put this way, doesn't it just make you itch for a few new collars for your pup? Sigh. Me too.

Luckily, Merry's already one step ahead of me here with a collection of handmade ribbon/nylon combination collars from Fetching Dog Collars with a little bit of style for everyone: a hipster chick style, a sweet country girl style, and a preppy-look-out-I'm-hitting-Miami kind of style.

The first style, Pirate Skulls, is a 3/4 inch wide hot pink nylon webbing collar topped with a black pirate skull design (with pink eyepatch, natch) with a black plastic quick-release buckle. The colors are a natural fit and frankly I think the 3/4 inch style is the perfect width for pugs. Just adorable.

The second style - Ladybug - features a 3/4 inch wide khaki nylon webbing dog collar topped with a white and green patterned ribbon and wee red ladybugs crawling single file. This style made us think of lazy spring afternoons in country meadows. Or maybe ladybugs are more of a summer bug? We're city girls, remember - our "country" is just for show. ;) We loved the sturdier metal quick-release buckle; it really dresses up the look of the collar and takes it to the next level.

The final style, called Preppy Crocodlie, is the most vibrant of them all - a 3/4 inch wide yellow nylon webbed collar. The white ribbon is festooned with preppy-looking crocs (though how preppies managed to take hold of such a mean ol' looking creature and turn it into chic, I'll never know) and this collar, too, features a metal quick release buckle.

All three styles fit like a dream, as you'd expect from handmade goodness - I mean, we didn't even have to shorten or lengthen the collars at all, and that is a pretty rare occurrence indeed.

But what we really loved is the company's commitment to tough and attractive collars. They stitch the stress points in a pattern that ensures that the collars can hold up to one heck of a lot of tugging - they're even able to double the amount of stitching if you have a real heavyweight tugger on your hands. The collar designs and patterns have been rigorously tested on Bulldogs, so you know they'll hold up. And they'll stay clean doing so - each collar comes sprayed with a dirt-resistant sealant.

These custom collars are fantastic - perfect weight (not too heavy, not too light), flexible, fun designs, and an excellent attention to quality and detail that really makes them stand out. The company offers over 150 different collar designs, so you're sure to find a style you like.

If you're into ribbon collars, and quality, I can't see how you can afford to let this company pass you by.

You can find out more about Fetching Dog Collars from their web site at

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