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Handknit Dog Sweaters

Here in Toronto, spring can mean a beautiful balmy seventy degrees one day and a day so cold you can see your breath the next. Mother Nature is nothing if not changeable!

To deal with the psychotic spring weather, we often have an entire rack of Merry's clothing near the front door to cover every eventuality: light dog coats, rain coats, dog hoodies, light sweaters, thick sweaters, jogging suits, one or two dog t-shirts and a tank shirt.

These new handmade sweaters from The Ritzy Rover fit right in!

Let's be straight: these are not lightweight spring sweaters (unless your tiny pup shivers in the summer). They're bulkier than that, which makes them perfect for cold spring days, cool fall days, or even warmer winter days.

They're also incredibly cute and excellent at highlighting the tininess of your pup. We know, that sounds like a contradiction - bulky sweaters are generally not slimming. But the combination of thick chunky knit and a shorter length (they end just past the ribcage, which also makes these sweaters ideal for boy dogs - and yes, they come in boy dog colors too, blues and greens) just seem to emphasize the smaller statures of our favourite furkids.

The first sweater in light pink: the Paw Print sweater. This soft pink design features a tiny white flower button sewn at the neck and a paw print design made from white buttons at the tail (not shown). Both the neck and the waist are edged in white. It features a denser, slightly less thick knit at the collar and sleeve. The torso is made from a more open but thicker knit. Definitely warm and cozy. These are not super-flexible nor downy-soft sweaters; there's a lot more bulk to them than that, but they're perfect for the cooler days in your 'hood.

The red dog sweater was named, fittingly enough, the Love Sweater. We loved its vibrant red - and also loved the fact that this red wasn't so laden with an orange-y overtone that the only thing Merry could match was a Ferrari (yes, we're not big fans of orange-y reds here). It's a lovely crimson color that will brighten up any gloomy spring or fall day.

The knit style on this sweater was the same; a denser thinner knit at the neck and sleeve with a thicker, more open knit on the torso. White edging at the collar and waist.

The addition of white to other areas of this sweater is what really makes it "pop" visually. The double white heart has a homey feel to it (it's a large open heart with a smalll solid white heart inside), and the white ribbon threaded through the neck and tied into a bow gives it a feminine touch. The bow is secured by a heart-shaped button.

These chunky sweaters are great - particularly if, like Merry, your pup has a Grandma that doesn't knit sweaters for her. :) It has that same kind of feel - homey, warm and fuzzy. But without the missed stitches that Grandma might include!

You can find out more about The Ritzy Rover from their web site at

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