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Handcrafted Pet Beauty Products

Article Author: A Merryvaluation

Merry is just like very other girl. She loves sweet-smelling bath and beauty products, the little bottles and jars and cakes of products that line up on the counter, so pretty, that she can pick and choose from to craft herself into an even more gorgeous version of the stunning little puglet she is.

OK, honestly, she just really loves scented things. :)

Which is why it was a special treat to open up the package from Bark N Bath and sniff out the heavenly scents that wafted from within. She promptly stuck her little puggy nose into the box and was sniffing like mad (sounded a little bit like a pug locomotive, really, or doggie hyperventilation) as I pulled out the lavender shampoo and deodorizer, shampoo bar (pictured, right) and pad balm (not pictured).

The real fun to be had was in the bath, however. While the shampoo bar was a lot of fun, the best part of the package for me was the shampoo in the handy pump dispenser. Call me lazy. It's just so much easier to use a hand pump when trying to keep fourteen pounds of wet and eager-to-escape pug in the tub long enough to properly bathe.

It was also a relief to learn about the care that Bark N Bath takes with its products. Their shampoo uses real, low lather soap rather than foaming agents to make it easier to rinse out completely (and Merry and I can both appreciate the truth of this - rinse time was cut in half). The scents are essential oils, much more natural for her skin than crazy goodness-knows-what chemicals. Their shampoos and deodorizers both come with jojoba oils to help prevent dryness.

Their shampoos for dogs are also available completely unscented for those pooches (or families) with sensitive noses. This is a real find, since very few companies offer scent free products.

Best of all, most of their packaging comes in refillable or recyclable bottles; Bark N Bath even offers a packaging return program. Participating retailers allow customers to return packaging for a credit.

But really, the proof is in the pudding. Merry and I had a wonderful time using Bark N Bath products, all of them - and helping the little furry monster to smell like the princess she is makes Bark N Bath products a new favourite around our house!

You can find out more about Bark N Bath from their web site

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