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Halloween Dog Collar

Article Author: A Merryvaluation

We love Halloween around here. Basically, we love the chance to dress up any time, any where, any how - and if it means playing a character, so much the better. (Merry SO has the acting bug. She'd love to appear in a feature film. I think she just wants it for the dressing room (luxurious, natch) and all the organic treats she wants between takes.)

But the iconography of Halloween is all part of the fun: bats. Witches. Pumpkins. Candy corn!

Pugs can't eat candy corn, of course (well, they could, but they'd be running around the house for hours afterwards on a sugar high, and it's not pretty, trust me). Luckily, that's no longer a problem with the Halloween-themed collar and leash set from Swanky Pet.

The collar is a simply fabulous 3/4" black cotton print festooned with candy corn in the traditional white, yellow and orange stripes. The hardware is solid and well made: a contoured zinc die cast side release buckle gives it heft and makes it look a little smoother, a little sweeter than collars with the thick black plastic easy release buckles you so often see in fabric collars. The slip lock buckles and D ring are both the same solid silver metal.

The construction of the collar itself is a cut above what you'll often see in casual ribbon or fabric dog collars. Every product is constructed with four layers of fabric that completely encircle a lightweight nylon webbing - which adds structure and durability, but you never have to see the nylon, it's completely covered. (I really like that part - sometimes it's nice to NOT have nylon visible on the collar, you know?)

The lead is a really interesting design. Also 3/4" wide (both collar and leash come wider in the larger sizes), it comes doubled up with a slip lock, so that it's extensible from 2.5 feet in length (completely doubled) or let out to a full 5 feet in length. I LOVE this feature and it's by far my favorite part of Swanky Pet products. How many times do you need a shorter length - walking through large crowds, walking on narrow sidewalks - and you're forced to grab a big long length of leash or wrap it around your hand several times? With this, you can simply shorten it for times you need it shorter, and let it out to the full five feet when you want a normal, up on the grass walking experience.

Since Merry is mostly blind, this little feature is a lifesaver: there are a lot of times that we need her on a shorter leash.

The other thing I loved about the Candy Corn design is that it allows your pet to be festive and seasonal without wearing a costume - now, Merry will be wearing a multitude of costumes for Halloween, but not every dog loves his or her dress up times. If that's your pooch, this collar's a great compromise.

We were really impressed by Swanky Pet's designs, and can't wait to see what they come up with next!

You can find out more about Swanky Pet from their web site at

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