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Grosgrain Ribbon Dog Collars & Leashes

Article Author: A Merryvaluation

Okay, we'll admit it: we're suckers for the Hamptons look. Cool cottons, pastels with grosgrains, and oh, how the chocolate brown has been showing up everywhere this year. Is it just us? Seems like every home decor catalog we get lately has something on this theme. And we're just crazy for the yumminess of this look.

Which is, of course, our roundabout way of telling you that we haven't been this excited about a new collar collection from Rouge New York since, well, their last collection, but that's not really fair, we can't help it if we have a hopeless attraction to their design and aesthetics, can we?

The design of this new collection is, quite simply, delish. It brings to mind lazy days on the yacht, crisp white cotton sheets, white pebbles collected from the beach... basically, the best parts of Something's Gotta Give (can we live in that house? Honestly.). The collars each feature the same simple design - solid colors with a contrasting stripe sewn straight down the middle.

And the color pairings. Rich and creamy and practically edible. Chocolate with pink, or turquoise and chocolate backed with chocolate nylon. Candy pink with mandarin orange, candy pink with turquoise, or lime with turquoise backed with chocolate nylon. And, for that extra-special touch of Hampton's feel, sky blue and white backed with navy nylon. Can you say YUM?

The collars also come in a huge variety of widths, all with matching leashes - 1" (shown, right), 5/8" (click to pop-up the gallery) and can fit necks as teeny as 10" or so all the way up to 26". It's an impressive range they've made available particularly in an industry that tends to underserve the larger dog customers! :)

Adding to the elegance of the collection is the metal buckles, slides and d-ring (all some kind of polished steel) - while you can get plastic buckles if you prefer in the smallest width, we wouldn't recommend it - the collection's very elegance works best with the metal buckles. Every collar also comes with an elegant square charm with the Rouge NY logo that you can take to get engraved for your pet.

If we had one thing to change, it would be the thickness of the collar at the 5/8" level. The collar itself, with its two layers of grosgrain atop nylon, was thick enough that it was hard and time-consuming to adjust the collar for Merry's neck. Granted, this is something you'd only do once (as opposed to 12 times in a row, for our photo shoot!) but it would be nice if either the collar itself were thinner or the buckle was a tiny bit larger to allow a thicker collar through it. But it's a minor thing you'll only see once, and believe us when we say the design more than makes up for the minor hassle.

Do we love these collars? You'd better believe it! They've been getting rave reviews every time the princess goes out in one. We can't wait to see what's next - matching handbags for owners? Do we dare hope?

You can find out more about Rouge New York from their web site at

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