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GrandDog Collar & Only Child ID Tag

Article Author: A Merryvaluation

This product review comes with a backstory, folks. (We know how you all love to get the scoop.)

The backstory is this: back before little miss Meredith came home with her Mom, it's wasn't 100% certain how she'd be received by her Grandparents-to-be (who had themselves, never owned a dog). Sure, we knew, and the pug knew, that there was no heart that wouldn't fall prey to the pug's inordinate charms. But still, there was that doubt.

Not that anyone need've worried. The Grandparents are so fabulously over-the-top for the world's cutest pug that there are times Merry's Mom just isn't sure who they'd rather be visiting with on home visits (oh, sure, you think that's an exaggeration...). They sport photos of the pug everywhere in their home. Grandma has a brag book she carries in her purse. Filled with photos. Of the pug. And Grandpa has her sweet little daily photos set up as his home page.

They are, in a word, over the moon for this wee pug. And who, we ask you, could blame them?

The point of the story is that when we heard that the folks at Mollywear had designed a collar that proudly proclaimed "GrandDog" (and yes, Merry's Grandma actually uses this pronoun to describe her furry grandkid), we just had to sign up to see it for ourselves. (Grandma would never forgive us otherwise.)

The colorful dog collar is absolutely adorable, suitably unisex in a combination of chocolate brown and hot red, with white accents. The lettering and design are very fresh and hip. It's made from 100% nylon, with a typical black plastic side-release buckle and a very sturdy D-ring. The collars come in three sizes and will accomodate 9" to 32" necks.

One thing that surprised us the most about these collars was their weight; they're very, very light (in fact, probably the lightest nylon collars we've ever tested). Particularly in the summer, this would be a welcome relief from carrying around a heavy leather choker!

And the princess finally wearing her moniker: too cute for words. Her Grandma's going to go nuts when she sees it.

The other item the company sent in was a sample of their sterling silver pet charms.

The charm is nicely solid, at 1.5" x 3/4" and won't tarnish. It's handmade by a jeweller - we loved the quality and handmade "feel" to the charm. The charm can be used as an ID tag and can be engraved on back, though the company doesn't offer that service themselves (you'd have to take them to an engraver).

And the sentiment is fabulous. The Princess Meredith is most definitely a Spoiled Only Child.

If we had one thing to change with the charm, it would be that it came without any kind of clasp to hook it to a collar. This is becoming, seemingly, quite a trend with companies offering charms for dogs. We're all for offering choice, in case the owner wants to use it elsewhere, but we really wish companies would at least offer a clasp of some kind on their charms. Just so that our furkids can wear the charm immediately on their collar, without having to run out and buy a clasp first.

The reality is that there are more and more GrandDog Grandparents all the time. So, too, are many dogs Only Children. These items, along with the rest of the Mollywear line, are wonderfully clever ways of helping us to put our fingers on the concept once and for all: the world is changing, we're closer to our pups than ever, and we need ways to celebrate that. Thanks, Mollywear. You can find out more about Mollywear from their web site at

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