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Buddy Belts

Founded back in the 1997, the Buddy Belt concept was actually initiated because of a personal need for dog harnesses. The creator of the Buddy Belt concept, Roxanne, used her dog Buddy, as an inspiration for this project. After she got Buddy, she realized that neck collars are not very practical for small dogs, and this made her go forward in creating a Buddy Belt harness. Today, this company offers dog harnesses and leashes in many colors. They are all made from high quality materials – leather. Depending on the taste of the dog owner, there are different models of dog harnesses – classic, fancy, special, luxury, and natural. Except for dog harnesses, Buddy Belts also offer leashes in different lengths and colors. They offer leather leashes, traffic leashes, and couplers. Their other offers include ID collars, which you can match up with a harness or leash. ID collars are available in 7 different sizes. Next, they have as well BB liners, key fobs and mini picture frames.

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