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Lucky Paws- PetCakes

The Lucky Paws Company was created in order to present to the world their first ever microwavable dog treats. Lucky Paws PetCakes are made from all natural ingredients, and in a microwave, they are done in less than 3 minutes. Like this, you will be sure that you dog will eat fresh made PetCakes. The Lucky paws company was established in 2008. These dog cakes were awarded Best New Product in 2010 on the Global Pet Expo. Since, then, these dog treats became very popular. Lucky Paws offers different treats for dogs and cats as well. They were all made with organic ingredients, and they are all preservative free. Their offer of dog treats include - Pet Cakes Kit – Original Carob, PetCakes Kit – Cheese Nip, PetCakes Frosting, PetCakes Refill, and PetCakes Pan and Pet Lovers Pan which are both polyurethane pans which can be used in microwaves. They are dishwasher safe as well. These are actually bone shaped pans, so that your dog will enjoy even more his PetCakes and treats that you prepare for him.

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